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A Preliminary Observation of Functions of Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonad Axis in Patients with Deficiency of Shen Yang(DSYa)and Male Elders
中文关键词:  肾阳虚证  下丘脑  老年人  性腺轴功能  兴奋试验  促黄体激素释放激素  垂体  显著差异  性功能减退  血清
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Wang Wenjian 海第一医学院华山医院脏象研究室 
Shen Ziyin 海第一医学院华山医院脏象研究室 
张新民 海第一医学院华山医院脏象研究室 
陈素珍 海第一医学院华山医院脏象研究室 
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      The concentrations of serum testosterone(T),estradiol(E2)and luteinizing hormone(LH)were measured in 10 normal adults averaging 39 years old,16 healthy elders averaging 68 years old,10 patients with the symptom complex of deficiency of Shen Yang(肾阳虚,DSYa,the deficiency of the vital function of kidney according to TCM)averaging 39 years old,and 11 patients with disturbance of sexual behaviour(DSB)averaging 36 years old.The changes of serum LH after the injection of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone(LRH)were also examined. All the subjects were males. There were no statistical differences in gonadal hormone levels between the patients with DSB and the normal adults. The serum E2 and basal LH levels were significantly higher in the patients with DSYa than those in the normal adults.The responses of pituitary LH to exogenous LRH were delayed in 5 of the 10 patients with DSYa while all the reactions were normal in theaontrols.The results showed that there existed defects in the gonadal axis,particularly ha hypothalamus,in the patients with DSYa,which provided a scientific basis for the theory of"shen(kidney)dominating generation"according to TCM. The serum T was lower but the serum LH was higher significantly in the.elders than those in the normal adults.The responses of pituitary LH to exogenous LRH were delayed in 6 of the 10 elders.The resnlts suggested that there was a general but moderate declining function of hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis in the elders. The changes of hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis were quite similar in the elders and in the patients with DSYa.This suggested that one of the essentials of the symptom complex of DSYa was au indication of the premature senility of male gonadal function.
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