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Effect of Bushen Yizhi Recipe on Brain β-Amyloid Precursor Protein in Rat Model of Alzheimer Disease
中文关键词:  Alzheimer病  补肾益智方  β-淀粉样前体蛋白
英文关键词:Alzheimer disease  Bushen Yizhi Recipe  β amyloid precursor protein
基金项目:国家“九五”重点攻关项目 (No .96 - 90 6 - 0 9- 0 2 )
Author NameAffiliation
GAO Jie 中山大学生命科学学院 
LAI Shi-long 广州中医药大学老年脑病研究所 
RAO Yan 广州中医药大学老年脑病研究所 
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      目的 :观察补肾益智方对Alzheimer病 (AD)模型大鼠脑内 β 淀粉样前体蛋白 (β APP)的影响。方法 :以D 半乳糖致亚急性衰老合并Meynert核损毁作为AD大鼠模型 ,用免疫组织化学检测及体视学分析方法观察大鼠脑内β APP的变化。 结果 :补肾益智方能显著降低AD模型大鼠脑内顶叶皮质、海马CA1区、齿状回β APP免疫阳性神经元的细胞数、积分光密度值 (P <0 0 5 ,P <0 0 1)。 结论 :补肾益智方能减少或抑制β APP的过度产生 ,这可能是其减少β淀粉样蛋白 (β AP)沉积 ,改善AD模型大鼠学习记忆的作用机制之一。
      Objective: To observe the effect of Bushen Yizhi Recipe (BYR) on brain β amyloid precursor protein (β APP) in rat model of Alzheimer disease (AD). Methods: AD model was established with D galactose, which caused subacute aging combined with Meynert nucleus damage. The change of brain β APP in the model rats were observed by immuno histochemical examination and stereologic method. Results: BYR could lower significantly the β APP immunoreactive neurons and its integrated optic density in parietal cortex, CA1 region of hippocampus and dentate gyrus in model rat (P<0 01 or P<0 05). Conclusion: BYR could reduce or inhibit the over production of β APP in brain, which may be one of the mechanisms of BYR in reducing β amyloid precursor protein deposition, improving the learning and memory capacity of AD model rats.
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